Friday, April 21, 2006

Whites screwed, but it's ok!

It's interesting that none of the people, or groups, who complain about race and ethnic disproportionate representations are complaining about California's UC system. For years there has been a steady drumbeat, largely by liberals, of the lack of minorities in business management, sports management, the military, a presidents cabinet and in college admissions. The major argument used is, and has been, the particular minority's percentage of the population compared to the target group they claim disproportionate representation in. WELL, so tell me why those same folks are not complaining about 36% of the newly admitted freshman in California's UC system being Asian when they only make up 10.9% of California's population?

You won't hear any complaints about the Asian admissions! Most liberals will look at over-representing a minority as some kind of penance for the white population who should all pay for the theoretical wrong done previously!

Even though the Black and Hispanic admission percentages are only 5% and 9%, respectively, short of those for White freshman all the news stories will imply there is work to be done!..but not for "whitey"!

When you look at the admissions compared to population break down the Asians have an enormous over-representation of 330%. Anybody think that's unfair? Is that ok? I guess the fair (but unfair) un spoken preference to Asian's is working and screwing the majority from a fair represenation is ok?

I know, lets have the bottom 98% of earners pay 98% of taxes instead of the other way around! I would love that....I'm getting screwed, these days, all around!


Anonymous said...


I'm confused. I assume that you are implying we should just assume that the overrepresentation of Asians and underrepresentation of non-Asian minorities washes out. Is that what you're trying to imply? Or are you genuinely unhappy that whites don't get a "fair share"?

Tiny said...

I'm happy if each student WITH NO CONSIDERATION FOR THEIR COLOR OR RACE gets evaluated with equal consideration against every other applicant! That's not what has been going on. My point is that nobody will now complain that a minority has suddenly gotten more than their fair share... the "fair share" are hypocrites

Schadenfreude said...

So okay, unless I misread the article, there was no artificial/affirmative action type selection going on here. Just that the majority of accepted qualified applicants to Cal were Asian. And while that's vastly disproportionate with respect to the overall state population, it's explained by (1) the fact that California has one of the largest Asian populations in the country, and (2) generally speaking, culturally, Asians are driven academically more so than other ethnic groups.

In terms of statistics, I'd want to see the ethnic breakdown of the total application pool vs. the total admissions pool, or admissions vs. the total population of the state, but only for 17-20 year olds (i.e., typical college bound citizens) -- I think either would be more revealing and less shocking.

Tiny said...

Hey Schad-man,

Actually my point, which I admit I rarely make clear or even come close to, is that the usual complainers won't complain because in their mind the right people are getting an advantage. Yes, Asian's clearly value education and drill that into their kids more than most....and Berkeley in particular was previously (and some say it still goes on) giving preference to Asians.

Anonymous said...

Wait... preference to Asians? Tiny, I guess I'm still confused. Berkeley has intentionally gone to a race-blind admissions policy. I have a hard time seeing the argument that Asians are getting affirmative-action help.

Tiny said...


Ya you're right...what am I thinking...the admissions office at the people's republic of Berkeley are not looking at race mistake..HAHAHAHA