Thursday, April 06, 2006


This is unbelievable! This is political correctness and the desire by all the freaks and deviants of the world to get acceptance run amuck! Not only do I think the vast majority of liberals will think inserting a sexual (read GAY) agenda into our public school curriculum is insane but I bet a lot of gays will as well. In fact the example in this story about a gay black poet is ludicrous. While history of the civil rights movement might involve identifying a person as being black I see no reason to identify a black when the subject is anything else!

The problem is that gays associate to much of their identity with how and who they have sex with. Most of us are defined by our personality, our family (children), our careers, and how we contribute to society. Frankly if any of those categories is somehow tied to homosexuality you're probably a deviant and sadly you've been the unfortunate victim of a genetic defect. Does this sound cruel? Why should it? I'm not saying to round up the gays and put them on an island somewhere. I'm saying that the natural order of things involves propagation of a species. When elements in a species can't naturally procreate to do this they die off. Therefore by definition it's a defect. Hey, I have defects too...I'm color blind, I get low blood sugar and then become a mean son-of-a-bitch, I like food way too much, etc.

Sexual orientation is COMPLETELY irrelevant to every f'ing topic in school. In fact, I'm in the camp of leaving the birds and bees to the parents. But I'm not going to get my way in the public schools. You liberals who are so much more enlightened than me must protect the rest of the public from themselves. Teach them to masturbate (like they won't figure it out on their own), teach them to use a condom (and not abstinence), teach them being gay is natural and normal. I could see the "orientation" video the gay lobby would love to be required view..."hey Bob, who are you taking to the spring dance? Oh, not sure...either Mary or Jeff...I haven't decided".

This isn't good people! This is insane....a revolution is coming....and Bob's parents don't belong to the NRA like I do.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tiny,

Fair points I think. Most of all because even though I think I'm a tolerant, liberal-leaning person, I don't think these programs of shoehorning minorities into curricula actually achieve their end-goals at all.

On the other hand, I think that you have to remember that until the 70s, homosexuality was considered a mental illness and/or criminal behavior. I don't think it matters whether you LIKE the behavior, but it seems unreasonable to criminalize it or make it akin to schizophrenia. (I'm not saying you are doing that, that's just the history.) So, the perspective lots of gays have is that they are still under attack. In reality, I think that 80s gays had to over-assert to respond to the very unreasonable attacks on themselves. And in the last 20 years, they probably overcompensated causing much consternation to mostly reasonable people like you. My expecation: this normalizes soon when enough people realize most important rights have been attained.