Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pelosi's Pernicious Phoniness

Nancy's written a little piece for the LA Times titled "Hu's visit nothing to celebrate", while I agree with the title I'm not at all suprised with the main subject of criticism in her article. Is it China? Not really.

It is, of course, President Bush, who else?

"Finally, members of Congress of both parties will be watching to see if Bush kowtows to Beijing in ways that threaten our long-standing commitment to Taiwan."

Hang on there Nance, wasn't it your guy, Bill Clinton, who sold the Chinese ballistic missile technology without ever bothering to check on how they would use it? The same missiles that may be used against Taiwan?

Why do I not recall you writing anything about that?

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Tiny said...

S2, just an endless stream of aggravating and pathetic hypocrisy on the left....the examples are endless when you look at any of the hot political topics! Maddening!