Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lack of oxygen!

I recently commented on a blog post over on another blog site I enjoy called The Fifth Column. I was merely poking fun at one of the blogs contributors (Bacon Boy, or you can call him by any cute name relating to a pig or those smoky slices of heaven) living in Atlanta. Now, mind you I have only been in Atlanta for a single day for a business meeting...thank God...but nonetheless I took my infinitesimally small experience in Atlanta and proceeded to berate it as a shithole. Maybe this was harsh, but that short stay led me to only that conclusion!

I guess the Pork Lad took my comment in the all-in-fun manner it was intended since he didn't follow up...but then, I'm reminded that my fun poking may in fact be an accurate description of at least Atlanta's 4th district.

You see, I assume if a city was a bona fide shithole that all that fecal matter would result in a serious amount of methane displacing all that precious oxygen! As you know, with reduced oxygen the brain has a hard time with common sense and is susceptible to the funhouse effect. You know those bent mirrors in the funhouse that make you look 2 ft tall, or 8 ft wide...reality and what your brain registers are not on the same plane!

In the case of some Atlantans, the funhouse effect is surely the reason that they have voted to put Cynthia McKinney in our capital. I was reminded of this when I caught a story that today she filed papers to run for re-election. This women is an example of what's wrong with politics, with Washington and with those who still want a civil rights movement to be necessary. The Capital Police incident with McKinney isn't the issue....the issue is the racist attitude of this, and others, who pander to those still bitter for wrongs of the past and only stay relevant if race is an issue. Since she punched the fuzz there has been a lot of video on the net of McKinney holding a press conference, or really an evolution of press conferences as she ping-pong'd her position on the incident. Is it only me, or does this women ever walk with, stand with or associate with a white person?

Ok, lets put that aside.....you hold a press conference, to address your having punched a cop, and standing at your side are two black actors (well known as socialists wackos) who didn't witness the incident. This gives you credibility?Tell me what crowd that works for? You see...oxygen deprivation is the only explanation. Her lawyer, having returned to his home in Texas, was breathing fresh air again and as his brain function returned to normal he dropped her as a client..makes sense.

If you're not convinced of the fun house effect, brought on by the shithole, being the only explanation for how McKinney got to congress...well check out this inarticulate pathetic race card dance she does as CNN hoty Soledad tries to get her to just tell us what happened that day (video from exposetheleft.com). And another example of McKinney's skillful handling of the press was made available by CNN.

So, an oxygen starved shithole or something else? If you can clear this up with some other explanation me and my pal Swine Puppy would appreciate it!

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