Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Going Mad

Has everyone gone mad? I just get the insanity, the illogical thinking going on all around us. Some examples, you decide!

Any bets on whether tax cheat Wesley Snipes gets more jail time than terrorist loving treasonous lawyer Lynne Stewart.....and guess who paid for her defense? Another America-hating leftist, George Soros. And note that a Muslim who did get a sentence of 24 years, Ahmed Abdel Sattar, was a paralegal for Stewart! But I'm sure Stewart loves America!

Free speech as long as long as it's Google approved speech!

Just show me one democrat caught in any level of scandal who takes personal responsibility for it? Not Harry Reid!

I love how Democrats knew not to trust the foreign and domestic pre-Iraq war WMD intelligence, but now believe fully in the National Intelligence Estimate. Check out how well those unbias intelligence folks do in an intelligence test! But don't worry, I'm sure an analysis of the middle east doesn't require one to know the difference between Sunnis and Shiites.

An issue of separating a father from son? Or an orphaned boy from his homeland? Or is it that some just can't handle the idea of a white adopting a black under any circumstance?

Academia and their attempt at gayification of your children and ignore the right to your beliefs. And a completely sane reaction that I support 100%.

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