Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The difference between the left and right

The other night I caught Dennis Miller talking about how after 9/11 he swung nearly full tilt to conservatism. This was mostly a war on terrorism move for him, but he also said that he has noted over many years of doing his political standup that liberals in the audience were far less tolerant to humor directed at them compared to conservatives...he said this was "universal".

Well, in this heated political climate where both sides seem to think they're in a death match it's interesting to compare how far either will go. The Foley mess is apparently being played for political gain, and with little regard for reality, by Democrat Patty Wettering. Dean Barnetts post is on the money but he misses the point that since we can be sure a Republican wasn't sitting on the Foley timebomb the Democrat(s) who did, and then let it out in timely fashion for the best political gain, put children at risk just as any Republican who was aware of the IM's did.

You can be sure we will see more generalizations by Democrats about "party of corruption" along with any other distraction that takes focus off the issue or their candidates position on them.

Another example is the Democrats dirty tricks, and law breaking, trying to win against Michael Steele in Maryland. Steele is the most feared kind of opponent for the Democrats who believe their base includes the majority of blacks. The Democrats show what there made of in their efforts to take down Steele. I guess Steele has taken the high road, up to this point, and not engaged in even denouncing the opponents...but he has written a letter that is just brilliant where he takes the gloves off...and in a very classy way. This is the kind of person we want running as Republicans.

The last straw for Steele he makes clear in his letter:

While speaking with two mothers whose sons had died in Iraq, I noticed the ever present Democrat operative filming our conversation. A conversation with parents who have lost a loved one in combat is private in nature and has no place in partisan politics, and certainly not in the smear campaign you have waged against me even before I entered the race for United States Senate. The filming of this conversation demonstrates a callous disregard for families who have lost a loved one and is an indefensible invasion of privacy.

Compare the actions and methods of people like Steele to the Democrats, especially in hotly contested races....and ask yourself which side more closely aligns with your values, your idea of what integrity means.

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