Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Does AA now treat Pedophilia?

I was surprised to hear each news spot about Mark Foley's resignation from the House included that he has checked himself into a rehabilitation clinic for alcoholism. While to some it may sound harsh labeling someone thinking about sex with a 16 year olds as pedophilia it fits the definition. I think it's pathetic that Foley is trying to deflect his fascination with male children by suggesting the cause is a drinking problem. I wasn't aware anyone had linked pedophilia or homosexuality with alcohol abuse!

While Foley should be shot (metaphorically of course) as should anybody who knew and didn't do the appropriate and timely thing. It's not clear yet what anybody knew, when they knew it and if they didn't do the right thing. But knowing the facts doesn't stop the media and Democrats from asking for other resignations! It's really laughable and amazing someone would, with a straight face, ask for other resignations at this point.

But you see, those who immediately act aghast over this incident know their moronic political base. They now believe their important political base are the "fake but true" leftist who need no proof that the entire Republican membership is morally and ethically bankrupt....they just know it to be so...they want it to be so...they promote that it is so!

Take today's Washington Times editorial staff's Op/Ed asking for Speaker Hastert's resignation...because they know he knew enough long ago to out Foley. Note the opening sentence of this piece: "a disgrace for every Republican member of Congress". The bias and guilt by association, the implied group hypocrisy is laid out front and center.

The party that does a wonderful acting job of being shocked and then calls for heads to roll with fanfare and a pompous attitude does so exposing their own hypocrisy. In today's Investors Business Daily the editorial staff makes the case for Dems trying to capitalize on a good sex scandal in two faced fashion. Apparently heads needn't role when the zippers are coming down on Democrat!

Update: And the castigating (word of the day) is coming from both sides of the isle and the blogsphere.....but BE VERY AFRAID, if the electorate loses site of the real issues and those running for office not emobroiled in scandal, well as Hugh Hewitt puts his fear: These elections could put Nancy Pelosi in the Speaker's chair --third in line for the presidency--along with John Murtha as Majority Leader, John Conyers at the head of Judiciary and Charles Rangell (and William "The Freezer" Jefferson) at the top of Ways and Means. Given the stakes for this country's safety and security not to mention its economy, I think the center-right would be well served by a lot less posturing and a lot more digging from its new media members.


Anonymous said...

Come on, you know he only did what he did because he was an alchie! **note extreme sarcasm**

I'm not real sure how they put the two together - it just doesn't make sense. That's certainly not what I think about when I drink...but hey, what do I know?

And, I never did like that whole "guilty by association" thing. My dad used to tell me that when I'd want to hang out with certain, savory individuals - I still don't understand it.

Tiny said...

Michelle, didn't you mean unsavory? :)

It really bothers me that a large portion of the public will take all the ivory tower holier than thow bloviating that will go on over this and have it influence their vote versus the issues and on people truly unconnected to this.

Then there is the fact that the Congress and House represent only a few hundred people out of around 300M in our country and yet they seem to have an abundance of individuals with loose ethics, morals and character.

Anonymous said...

LOL I, certainly, did mean "unsavory" - let's just assume my "u" and "n" keys weren't working. Actually...I don't know what my deal was...mental retardation, I suppose. I knew the term was "unsavory", but I guess I subconciously thought of savory - maybe I was hungry. I dunno...

Yeah, you're right, it does amaze me when I think of what reasoning folks use to vote for certain candidates. I mean, I heard a college student say that she voted for one of our mayors because she liked his name. Come on! I know they push this "voting" thing and they want everyone to vote who can, but it just taints everything. I mean, they push these college kids to vote and these kids don't know their ass from their belly button, but we want their input on who will lead our cities, states and country. Scary.

I think that's how we end up with the "UNSAVORY" individuals in Congress and the House. There's got to be a reason we find the few hundred f*** ups in the country and throw them into government power.

Splash Two said...

Here's what people are missing here. There are two issues, the emails and the IM's.

Senior Republicans knew about the emails but the emails weren't actionalbe.

No one knew about the IM's before the story came out. The IM's are gross and disgusting and actionable!

He's a pervert who should go to prison but that's it.

Tiny said...

Agreed...that's the point of my update...that the initial emails were not actionable and other (media) apparently felt the same way. Check out Taranto's post on it in my update!

Tiny said...

Ah, I meant check the update to my post Calling All Pages! http://tinys.blogspot.com/2006/10/calling-all-pages.html