Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Difference

This cartoon says it all. Of course the nutroots say that Bush (or Rove) has arranged for the looney short guy in North Korea to creat some kind (since it's still unclear if this was a nuke) of explosion and draw attention away from Foley-gay-t.

Anything...ANYTHING but what really matters....most things are doing quite well...the real issues that need serious non-stop attention are the war on terror, crazy dictators and securing our borders.

Just in: Will the media make much of a land deal that Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid may have not reported correctly? Afterall, doesn't this speak to the ethics of the entire Democratic party?


Anonymous said...

Um. Why is it an either/or matter? Can't we worry about integrity at home and security at home as well?

Tiny said...

my post doesn't suggest an either/or....we can worry about both, but screw ups by individuals (like Foley's and now Reid's) are not proof or even suggestive that an entire party or group is a screw up. It's also complete BS to cry coverup when there is no evidence of it. Apparently the Dems think that the leadership should have known Foley was an evil gay man from his friendly and creapy emails and should have monitored him (or maybe all gays?), and that even though the boys parents said to drop the matter that if they (the Dems) where in power they wouldn't have. What we do know is that when the screw up is proven the Republican is nearly always ejected by the party and never relected...that almost never the case when the screw-up is a what does that tell you about the difference in the party and the people in it?