Monday, October 02, 2006

Brown Nosing

Bob Woodward's schnoz is looking brown these days. After his last two books were not perceived by the liberal elite as being critical enough on Bush, Bob wants to get back in favor with his leftist brethren. And they seem all to eager to forgive. If your willing to do a Bush hit piece, no matter how thin, you can get booked on every TV program including, probably, MTV's Cribs.

While the TV tease spots and media headlines label Bob's latest book (State of Denial) with such things as "Bush bomb shell", it appears this is merely a "Potpourri-of-Beltway-Gossip-Posing-as-a-Book". Which is how Mario Loyola at the NRO put it. See Mario's post on how Bob misleads to make the case that Bush misleads!

And then of course there is the timing of Woodward's anti-Bush, anti-Iraq, anti-anyone still working in the Bush administration book. And apparently Bob didn't do very well with wimpy old Matt Lauer and wouldn't come out and directly say Bush lied or misled? What? And he admits that the book was timed to influence the November elections? If this description of Woodward's visit to the NBC puff piece morning show is accurate the media should be hammering Woodward in every appearance he makes going forward...Not likely!

Woodward is not an impressive thinker...his bias and timing are clear. It's about loyalty to the bias denying liberal media and about making a buck. There's no reason to believe Woodward wouldn't be complicit with the publishers of his book to maximize their return and also to influence an election. And the same can be said for the release of another book, a biography of Colin Powell. It's interesting how nearly every book covering an administration insider where the message is the insider was right, and the boss was wrong...was fired by the boss before making those claims. That's of course not condemning in itself..just interesting.

I find it fascinating how many fired, asked to resign, or pushed out ex-administration employees now claim they had always been on the other side of every situation we can now decide on more clearly that their in the review mirror.

All this Bush bashing will be constant up to the November 6th you will likely see the Foley email mess get labeled as either a cover up or as evidence that the entire Republican party are deviants. Anything but the issues! God forbid a candidate would have to defend, or even articulate, their positions on the issues.

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