Tuesday, October 24, 2006

CNN - Actively working against an Iraq victory

The choice of CNN to air a snuff film of an American soldier in Iraq is beyond reprehensible, it's treasonous and sickening. I suppose American Flag hating Ted Turner is thrilled that CNN, while out of his influence, is actively promoting against an American victory in Iraq by showing terrorist insurgent propaganda.

If you haven't seen this video of CNN's Blizter trying to defend their action you just must watch (on HotAir) Duncan Hunter do a great job shredding Blizter's words and CNN's very bad decision.

Hugh Hewitt denounced this situation best with this:

We are in a war but elite media and much of the Democratic Party is indifferent to victory in that war, and genuinely incapable of regulating themselves and their behavior so as to maximize the chance of victory. Now a leading network is airing a snuff film from the terrorists, which follows a year in which newspapers have compromised both our electronic surveillance of terrorists communicating with their operatives in the US, and our tracing of terrorist money flows, stories which in both instances undeniably assisted terrorists in eluding capture.


Anonymous said...

It is wrong that during a war, in which soldiers from the US are regularly losing their lives or at high risk of losing their lives, that a US broadcaster is allowed to show what is without doubt, enemy propoganda which seeks to show the weaknesses of the US army. In doing thisk, CNN may be putting more Americans at risk in Iraq, and I think the FCC needs to take tough action to prevent things like this ever happening again. Is al-Jazeera available in the Us? If so, that needs to stop also. Any broadcaster which publishes material which puts the US army at risk potentially, should not be on air in the US!

Anonymous said...

The FCC is so worried about someone saying "ass" on the air, but they'll let this be shown? I don't get it.