Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Liberalism's destruction of education

I can think of no example, so provide one if I'm wrong, of a good application of "political correctness". Everyone's walking around on pins and needles worried they will offend one of the "supposed" sensitive groups. Racism, sexism and hate is assumed by those who in fact know they're a corner case, an outlier or sometimes downright freaks.

The left has a fundamental belief that there is, or can be, a utopia. This belief is fundamentally flawed. People don't need to accept everyone else as equal (I'm talking values, morality and spirituality) and attempting to force it in fact further divides. Life isn't always fair and that should be taught. Things based on faith, and historic belief, and not undisputed fact shouldn't be taught as fact. Kids have the potential to be thoughtful, smart and discerning only if we give the tools to do so and also allow it.

Every adult should have a solid, and for the most part unchanging, personal ideology. This lifelong ideology shouldn't form until your probably around 30 years old. If you're not at least 30 you will not understand this. Most feel differently about the big issues once they've been responsible for their own life for a good 5 to 10 years. I might even be in favor of not letting anyone under 30 vote! As you experience real life (competition in the work place, no free ride, paying for a place to live, for food, for transportation, for insurance and taxes) your views on these aspects of life change. They have to. If they don't something is wrong! You've been so brain washed, or more to my point, ili-equipped to reason and learn from life what really makes sense.

Before you reach a few decades in age you can surely read about what a 1947 Cheval Blanc tastes like, or what it's like to sleep in a net hammock hanging on the face of Half Dome, or what its like to close on your first home, or the moment you hold your first child, or had someone close to you die, and the list goes on. But the understanding through words is a universe away from the actual experience. So why would anyone assume that prior to having enough life experience your ideology would be set?

If you're around, or over, 30 you have experienced some of the hundreds and thousands of experiences that form your view of life. You also then appreciate how many of those views are radically different from when you were younger. This is how it should be. Yes, it's possible your earliest and first views on abortion, the death penalty, personal responsibility versus entitlement, race, religion, when and were children learn about sex, when and why you go to war, climate change by man or nature, etc. stay your views for life...but that would either be an anomaly, or you had a very oppressive or manipulative childhood.

Childhood includes education and so a manipulative education is what California's public system is becoming. Let's call the k-12 experience what it is brainwashing! That's what education can be at its worst. Facts, figures and tells the student what to think, what is definitively what is right or wrong. As opposed to teaching how determine the end result or right and wrong. The building of our children's intellectual base should be foundational and not deterministic. That someone will just hand you a fish is deterministic, that we teach you how to farm or catch fish is foundational. We don't know what kind of fish, or how many, or where you may grow or catch a fish...that you decide.

So here we are, faced with those who would force ideology on kids for the purpose of indoctrination. So afraid are those who believe in some anomalous, or fringe, view that they wish to not have its acceptance be your choice. If your view is right, righteous, humanly appropriate shouldn't it stand up to reasoned and intelligent scrutiny? Of course it should. What are you afraid of? We need to give our children a foundation to make a decision on their personal ideology on their own.

In California those in Sacramento, who "work for the people" only as a tag line, are considering rewriting history identifying the sexual preference of those who made that history. I blogged on this in April in my Gayifornia post as well. Of course sexual preference and orientation have nothing to do with any of the history any k-12 school should be teaching. So why should I know a historic figure was gay? Or left handed? Or like to cross dress? Or liked to get whipped?

We also find liberals attempting to stupify a high school diploma! Well maybe they already have since SAT scores of applicants to California's University system have dropped dramatically. And this is a mystery to them? And to make sure each holder of that illustrious California HS diploma has no shot at higher education, a decent job or the ability to form their own ideology lets lower the bar! Can you imagine a high school exit exam? God forbid we actually measure, at least in some form, the foundation we laid. And those who look at this as a punitive measure are's the's to ensure we did the job before we turn them loose. Nonetheless idiots claim this to be unfair and are challenging it in court.

Note how the LA Times piece on the court challenge mentions the total of 47,000 California 12th graders who fail but not that about 470,000 passed! At least the SJ Merc was more honest and added that "Although nearly 90 percent have passed the exam, only 83 percent of low-income seniors have passed, and only 71 percent of seniors who are still learning English have passed."

That result makes perfect those who cry fowl think a good test is one where everyone passes? Oh sure part of their complaint is those who don't have good English skills are at a disadvantage...DUH! Geez, stop letting them use that as a crutch! If you forced them into 100% English starting back in Kindergarten you wouldn't have a problem and you would have better prepared them for life...Isn't that what the F we are doing here?

Back to the gay agenda in our public schools.....I have an idea. Since apparently the gay community wants historic figures who were gay (and I'm sure that's easy to prove right) lets identify all those in the present who are gay! That way when we want to recognize a good deed that we witness, or a good presentation at work, or a great athletic achievement in sports, or an excellent thespian performance, we will know the accolades are being directed at a gay person. And since California schools already embraced some symbology for this previously, they surely wouldn't object to using these same symbols now to identify all the gays among us for this purpose! I can't wait to see all those Nazi inspired pink triangles so I can better know who is, and who isn't gay!

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