Monday, May 01, 2006

Silicon Valley Impresione Cero

This morning I put out my American flag and drove to work. I saw the gardeners I see every Monday mowing and blowing. I saw a crew building a house down the street working away. I drove by the local hardware store where ever morning there are 20 or so waiting for a local trade person to pull up and pick up a few workers...that crowd was smaller. I didn't notice any reduced traffic on the way to work. The dozen coffee houses (Starbucks, Pete's and independents) I pass buy were all busy and looked normal.

Got to work and everyone I expected to be there was there. Had various calls and meetings...and one customer conference call with the with the 2nd largest airline in the world..all that were suppose to be on the call were. I went to lunch at a golf course/driving was busy and the burger was excellent.

The stock market had a small sell off, the DOW and Nasdaq closed down slightly but are still at record highs. The MSM seems to be at work....putting out stories that today's anti-citizen pro-illegal events demonstrate the economic power of immigrants. I'm confused though as the AP story flips back and fourth on whether it was largely illegal or legal immigrants who took off work today, or who has an impact?

This entire stunt proves nothing and will be a PR disaster for the illegals cause. People like me see this as a slap in the face of what America stands for. The unpatriotic display of Mexican flags and Spanish signs and sayings. The demand of rights for illegals! And then there is the extremist elements who told participants to bring weapons or who propose the goal is to take back California.

The bottom line is that today only impacted LA and a few other spots around the country. LA we could do without anyway. In fact the businesses this impacted should be the targets of the INS and the employers investigated. They clearly don't do a good job filling out I-9's and validating employee data.

So, Silicon Valley Impact Zero...well except that now I see that many illegals, and many legal Hispanics, really don't want to be truly Americans. They don't want to be loyal law abiding citizens that take from our opportunity but also pay to take. They want a free ride without the responsibilities. They want our police, our fireman, our military, our nurses and doctors, our protect, take care of and teach them but they don't want to fully participate in supporting them.

So, go ahead...stop working indefinitely...go home, prove you are so vital and that our way of life can't survive without my guest. Yes some industries will be impacted, but only for a very short time. It will actually create new economic growth in other areas. We can easily automate, with technology, nearly every job that is abusing illegal labor today. We can do the garmet work, the chicken preparation, the strawberry picking and even the fast food drive up window with machinery, robotics and software. For the businesses that rely too much on this labor pool there has been no incentive to modernize previously. So please, please, please...stop working permanently and go home. Prove me wrong.

Update: Hey Splash must be proud of those gays in Chicago who support immigrant rights! PULEASE!.
Does the guy in the hippy shirt look like a young Dr. Emmet Brown?(Christopher Lloyd)

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Splash Two said...

Hey now,

That's just a cheap shot! I totally support all of my gay, illegal, transgendered, lesbian, felony & other workers, but not all at the same time!

I'm an American for God's sake Tiny!