Thursday, May 11, 2006

My sworn enemies: MSM and Liberals

I've had it...if you're a member of the MSM or a dumb monkey face liberal then you're my sworn enemy. You're on the side of the terrorist! You're happy to tell them every move we make to try and detect, track and stop them. You're blinded by your Bushdisdainia and are now an honorary Jihadist.

Gateway Pundit has a nice round up and reaction to the latest NSA program no longer secret and therefore no longer effective at helping with the war on terror.

Says the GPundit:

"It's funny that the Left wasn't very upset when two Democratic operatives were stealing Steele's credit report!

It's only when private information that could save American lives is looked at that Democrats scream "allah Akbar" or "bloody Christian" or whatever it is they scream."

So if you run into me on the street I suggest you do not disclose that you either work for the MSM or believe our president and NSA are spying on innocent civilians. That will identify you as an enemy of the state, an Al-Qaeda sympathizer, one who would rather see a Republican administration falsely demonize at the potential cost of more 9/11 like events. So upon realizing your allegiance I will use every means fists most snuff out your pathetic existence.

I've said this before....a new civil war is brewing and my side makes up nearly 100% of the NRA membership.


Splash Two said...

A-freaking-men, my brother! You stole my thunder again on this one but that's okay. You said what needed to be said.

We shall now take up arms against liberals (and Lindsey Graham because he's an idiot republican).

Tiny said...

ya, unfricken believable....and check this...of course a law suit pops up...unlikely you can sue the NSA but these idiots will give it a go

But unfortunately for them Taranto of the WSJ points out that there is a SCOTUS ruling already on the books on this.

"What the government is doing here is essentially maintaining a database of people's phone bills--information the phone companies store and use for their own marketing and billing purposes. In Smith v. Maryland (1979), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that law-enforcement agencies do not need a warrant to collect such information."

Schadenfreude said...

Hey T, I'm a moderate with liberal tendencies. Does this mean you'll wing me instead of going for the kill shot? :-p

For the record I have no issue with the NSA tracking phone records, and even if they had the capability to record and sift through every conversation I had, I still wouldn't mind. If I were up to no good, I wouldn't do my business on an unsecured phone call or in unencrypted email.