Monday, May 22, 2006

I thought it was ice cream!

Pretty funny isn't it! Louisiana's Rep. William Jefferson (hence forth called "coldcash") got caught on video taking a bribe. Federal agents found $90k in shrink wrapped $10k bundles in his fridge! So of course he's innocent, we don't know the whole story and that the search of his office is an "intrusion into the separation of powers".

Ok, this isn't funny, this is unbelievably F'd up! The press on this story is a but a murmur. Since this story broke most news outlets didn't lead with this story. The press puts on kid gloves when a liberal politician is in a pickle....if they also turn out to be a minority they don big furry mittens! It's also interesting that when you read the print stories on ColdCash the tone is innocent until proven guilty.

If this video, if this frozen cash, involved a white republican the media would be exploding with the party of corruption mantra along with making a tie to the Bush administration...and they would do it with the fervor of an impending meteor strike that could bring the next ice age.

Bias, bias, bias...nope, don't see any here!

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Patty said...

Well I say investigate including his office and home if he is guilty and it certianly appears that way. Well follow the law.
I don't care if he is purple with green toes a bribe is illegal.