Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just your average Democrat!

Did you notice the guy/thing standing in the background when you saw video, or pics, like the one here of Valerie (I'm not sure if I was covert) Plame testifying, for no real purpose, in front of a Congressional committee?

That is apparently just an average Democrat! And as it turns out, what is probably your average Code Pink devotee! Not sure if it male or female are you? Well it's male, but he wishes he was a she...he's a professional protester living on Social Security disability...mental disability no doubt! This Adam's apple touting Code Pinker is getting some fame, but probably not the kind of fame you Democrats (who are less than a degree of separation away from this freak) want....pathetic how the reporter on this story calls him "she"....Puulease!

And just to prove that Adam's apples, 5 o'clock shadows, mental disabilities and smoking good looks are standard for Code Pink, check out this member!

1 comment:

Splash Two said...

Ahhhhhh, my eyes.

Damn you to hell Tiny!