Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Al Gore believes NASA doesn't exist, and that's beyond dispute!

Ok, follow me on this one. Today Al Gore testified in front of several committees in Congress on his belief that global warming is caused by man. Gore, in his testimony, still claims there is no debate, there's a consensus, it's beyond dispute....and he continued his fear mongering as if that makes his claims more true. Gore uses words and phrases like "crisis", "mans survival is threatened", "dire warnings", "planetary emergency", and so on.

Gore asked for immediately legislation to curb carbon emissions over some period. Of course unless you get China, India and the rest of the world that's plowing into the 21st century to also do something in lock step in wouldn't matter much....oh and nobody who claims we (manly man) are causing global warming has presented any evidence, science or theory that we can actually stop it. But never some carbon credits from the companies that Al Gore owns part of! And never mind Al uses 15-20 times as much energy in his home than you...he's not going to change that...gee, he really believes in this emergency of global warming doesn't he!

You ever notice how someone will tell you over and over again something they claim is obvious, evident and clearly correct when it's not? You can be sure when someone likes to say the debate is over, it's surely not. If the debate was over, if it was "beyond dispute"...well, it would be pretty obvious and we wouldn't be debating it with you. Those who think there are no scientists of note that question man made global warming aren't looking very hard, just look at my GW related blog posts....and they like to point out that because Michael Crichton is challenging man made global warming that his celebrity author status gives him no credibility. Well you read his bio and tell me who is more a scientist, Gore or Crichton?

But while Gore and his supporters claim there is no debate and that there's a consensus... I find almost daily stories of scientists, groups of scientists and studies from respected scientific organizations that present evidence, findings and theories that if nothing else PROVE there is a debate, that it is NOT beyond dispute...well, unless for example, Gore is claiming NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory doesn't exist!

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