Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gore officially a nut

Liberals have complained ever since Fox News and conservative syndicated talk radio hosts started getting ratings that were significant. Somehow this was unfair or bad. Whether you believe Fox is more balanced than biased, doesn't clearly doesn't present stories with the same spin as the MSM..and since the MSM far and away has more viewers than Fox it's not even an example of balance....the airwaves still get far more liberal content than conservative.

So why then do they complain? Well, because they're intolerant and when the opposite view actually makes sense it DRIVES THEM INSANE. You have to love how liberals want to stifle debate and the opposing view and don't see their intolerance in doing so.

Today when I saw a quote from Al Gore with regard to the media and how reporting on global warming, and man's role in it, I had to laugh. It's hard to have missed that in the last several months the number of stories of scientists, academics and researchers who have said wait a minute, there is no consensus, data is being interpreted incorrectly, or data is being ignored so as to better fit a position, and most of all...there is no certainty that man causes this warming, it's merely a theory....and one easily challenged.

Gore obviously isn't happy that people challenge his baby, his mantra of the last several years claiming dire consequences, a global emergency, the sky is falling! Of course the challenges are very logical, non-emotional, reasoned and compelling...which makes people talking in absolutes on the other side (Gore's side) look like overacting simpletons.

So instead of Gore embracing the debate, instead of saying we should weigh all facts and evidence and be logical about things he does what ever liberal does when cornered by reality...he becomes illogical and emotional. Read Gore's comments for yourself...the use of the word "consensus" is a joke...just like how there was a "consensus" in the 70's about the coming new Ice Age! A consensus doesn't make something true, or even likely true as history shows. But how can one take someone for anything other than a nut when he actually calls a balanced view biased, and his desire for everyone to sing the same song right?
They have failed to report that it is the consensus and instead have chosen …balance as bias. Al Gore, 2007

If you're intellectually honest how can you excuse Gore's own "carbon footprint" with his homes and private jet travel. Carbon credits are a're either personally responsible for creating more pollution than the average person or not. If you pollute 20 times more than me you don't get a pass because you planted trees or supposedly offset your filth some other way.
Update: Taranto of the WSJ blogged on Gore's hypocrisy and disingenuous motives yesterday...also pointing out that the MSM bias in not skewering Gore as they would if he was a conservative.

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