Thursday, March 22, 2007

Evil Shyster

I was getting tired of seeing that hideous picture of Gore from my previous post so I was looking for something to post on when I felt a sick feeling. This morning before heading to work I saw teasers on TV for a press conference John Edwards was having. The teaser mentioned Edwards cancelled some campaign work to attend a doctors appointment with his wife. Because he scheduled a press conference the assumption was this was not good news about his wife's fight with cancer. Various TV and blog posts of course assumed if his wife's cancer was back that he would only be calling a press conference to announce putting is campaign on hold, or dropping out of the race altogether.

Then I heard he in fact used this as an opportunity to say "the campaign goes on" reaction was Oh MY GOD!.....First, this guy has less substance on the issues than Obama, but his actual qualifications to be President aside he's an ambulance chasing shyster lawyer who made millions and lives like it...then lectures us on class warfare and the have-nots..what is it with liberals and their hypocrisy?

Anyway, this is pure use your wife's battle with cancer as a vehicle for political gain..presumably from sympathy for the situation, is truly evil...un F'ing believable.

Now, will the MSM skewer this evil shyster for this as they should?

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Splash Two said...

That's not even the worst thing about the Silky Pony. Here's what Michael Fumento had to say about him and his legal practice:

"Edwards won at least 94 cases, according to Lawyers Weekly, of which 54 netted more than $1 million each. Normally attorneys take a 40 percent cut of cases that go to trial. In his last year as a practicing attorney, 1997, he reported an adjusted gross income of $11.4 million.

Of course, perhaps he deserved it - but he didn't. He specialized in a particularly scummy area of malpractice, blaming Ob/gyn doctors for cerebral palsy. In fact, a 2003 study evaluated almost 1,000 life births to see if cerebral palsy or other problems could by affected by type of birth. Conclusion: "Delivery mode (whether vaginal or cesarean delivery) was not associated with any of the outcomes that were evaluated."

Yet malpractice suits against doctors with the misfortune to deliver CP babies has caused their insurance rates to rocket and to engage in "defensive medicine," by resorting to cesarean deliveries when they're actually not needed. Other research has shown that cesareans increase the risk of death and other problems for both mother and child; yet such procedures are skyrocketing. Many cesareans are the mother's preference because of convenience of timing or wanting to avoid the pain of labor; but no mother should be given one because trial lawyers roam the land telling all parents that if you didn't get a perfect baby the doctor must have screwed up."