Friday, May 27, 2005

Muslims; their own worst enemy

Its interesting the blame game that goes on in the Muslim world...somehow the perpetual infighting that goes on, the senseless killing of innocents via soleless misguided suicide bombers, the hatred for tribes and sects they share the area is all somehow the fault of America. While I assume there are a huge number of Muslims who hold all life precious, as any normal caring human being would, the actions of many Muslim groups speaks to one F'd up religion. Ok, maybe I can't blame it on the religion itself. But the Muslim faith seems to have an extremely disproportionate share of truly bad, or to be kinder, seriously confused to the point of evil, members.

Until the majority of citizens in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. clean their own house of this cancer they're not going to end the violence they live with. We see this sad evil play itself out mostly (9/11 aside) on our plasma tv's in our million dollar homes. That way of life and preserving it for our children gives most of us relentless resolve to not allow that evil to invade our daily reality. Maybe that's why it thrives in places where there is so much poverty and so little to loose...a very tough problem.

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