Monday, May 02, 2005

MLB's final straw for me

I have been busy with a house remodel and work so haven't posted in a while but seeing today that Major League Baseball's players union rejected the commissioners increased penalties got my blood boiling. This is analogous to a teachers union not wanting to have teacher testing to monitor the competency of teachers or to be judged on a merit system. In general most of us in society have to suffer the consequences of our poor choices and in many cases those consequences can be dire. A different set of rules for a given group along with the general poor moral standing of professional athletes as role models (whether they like it or not) is a sad state of affairs for something that is truly unique to America. I have largely stopped watching professional sports and throw none of my money their direction...I only wish more people would put their desire to live thru their athletic endeavors on hold in order to save their integrity.

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Ryan M Scott said...

I think that MLB has seen some hard time lately with only a few teams actually making money anymore. When will they start to take notice? It certainly doesn't seem like they notice when stadiums are rarely more than half full. Will they notice if nobody shows up anymore? Of course the players and their union will blame it all on management.