Friday, May 27, 2005

The Evil Empire

Maybe you have heard of America's most heinous government facility feared by all foreigners for truly barbaric things happen there to completely innocent loving people!!!!!

You may ask what sort of torture, cruelty, maiming, and slow death goes on at this facility...we let me list a few of the most egregious examples:

- mishandling (dropping, bumping, touching) of a book considered by some to relate to a diety
- humiliation of suspected terrorist detainees thru lack of clothing and playing Twister (also practiced at some evil empire satellite facilities)

Can you stand hearing anymore? Even to read about this inhuman behaivor is disturbing. If you're bothered about this like me please contact your congressional representative and demand that these tactics stop immediately and instead this facility should adopt the more globally accepted methods such as:

- suicide bombing or any explosive method to kill and maim innocents
- decapitation, especially by a not so sharp or modern sword
- dragging, hanging and burning a decapitated corpse

This is only a small list.....many other examples of techniques that are not denounced by the Evil Empire hating world or media can be found.

Help initiate this change in a place were America's evil empire thrives.....Guantanamo

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