Thursday, June 02, 2005

International Hypocrisy

The international view of America is arguably not so great these days...ungreatful lot they are given without America most countries on this planet would either be under a less friendly rule or have no economy (including aide). And there is no shortage of examples of the hypocrisy in the standards the international community holds Americans too...but this recent story on the idea of giving women the right to drive in Saudi Arabia that Yahoo linked (when most don't) caught my attention. You would think this backward treatment of women, albeit supposedly rooted in religious belief, would elicit MUCH more reaction from the international community and press....but I guess "misshandling" of a book by an American is a far bigger world story...we are so bad!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

How bad is the President's special advisor leaking the identity of a known CIA agent working to protect national security? How bad is it that the said advisor did it out of revenge against the spouse of the agent when the spouse debunked the "yellowcake" story?