Saturday, June 02, 2007

The ACLU sues so your kids can be killed!

It's becoming more frequent that the ACLU takes on the cause of those who are anti-American, whether citizens of this country or not. I have no sympathy for those who find themselves targeted by the CIA especially under the suspicion of being a terrorist or an Al Qaida operative.

For the ACLU to take a case such as this puts them squarely in my cross hairs as terrorist sympathizers. If there's enough evidence, whether circumstantial or not, for the CIA or any police agency to suspect you're a terrorist or associated with terrorists, I'm on the side of NOT presuming you innocent. My children, family and friends are too important...sorry I say shoot and ask questions later.

I guess the "American" part of the ACLU is meaningless at this point....and so the ACLU is now more than just a pathetic joke concerning "American Civil Liberties"....they're an enemy of America!

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