Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just your average peacenik!

Meet a Harry Reid supporter! He's just your average Islamic good guy! In this case, the dichotomy of carrying grenade launchers and automatic weapons at a rally against violence is lost on these brain washed infidel haters. I suspect Harry Reid thinks we just need to sit down with this fellow and be diplomatic for this guy to see the light.

I had to laugh this week at how Harry Reid is like Teflon with the press. His various on camera appearances post his "we lost" in Iraq statement are a joke. He never says anything substantive...in fact he has now adopted a version of the "fake but true" stance many took with the faked Bush National Guard documents. Harry says even if he's told by General Petraeus that things were improving he wouldn't believe it...so "true but fake". Any conservative who would provide so many idiotic displays of logic, lack of facts and school yard name calling would be SKEWERED by the media.

And God forbid the press ask Harry, and Nancy, and all the gang if Al-Qaida is in fact operating in Iraq, and effectively, wouldn't allowing them free rein there ultimately mean they get stronger and more dangerous world wide?
But they're smart...if you don't even go to briefings you can later claim ignorance if it bites you in the end.

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