Tuesday, April 03, 2007

UK's The Independent supports terror & Iran

When I saw the above headline on the Drudge Report I thought oh great...what mission went wrong now! But even before reading the story behind the link on the UK based The Independent I thought about the video of the British soldiers....the way those soldiers are acting like puppets they would have spilled the beans on camera about a botched mission.

So I read the story and first thing I note is somehow they want to link a Jan 11. mission to the capture of the British soldiers....no connection, no fact based connection provided!

Then I visited HotAir as I do every morning and Allahpundit does a great job of breaking down the fake story, read it all but in summary:

Pretend to break news that’s already been reported, assert a causal connection to another event without a single source to support it, then publish as fact. Good, hard-nosed, hard-left agenda journalganda.

This is plain and simple made up anti-US propaganda...the press hides behind anonymous sources and implications like there's no tomorrow....but what's really behind this? Do those who put out such things not know the Islamic extremists they embolden would gladly snatch their sycophant asses in a heartbeat and cut their heads off on video? Ah, but maybe they do...but they see George Bush and the U.S. as even more evil!


Anonymous said...

You're accusing Matt Drudge of being a liberal? Really? REALLY? Wow...

Tiny said...

Drudge didn't write the story, some anti-American blokes at The Independent did!...you must have missed that! :)