Saturday, June 02, 2007

The common link - Muslim

Once again the common link in terrorist plot after terrorist plot are that Muslims are involved. Of course the press treads lightly on this...why? in the plot that was stopped with today's arrests the press (and maybe FBI, I'm not sure) mention that one of the 4 suspect is Muslim...what about the other 3?

If this plot had been planned by 4 practicing Catholics, where bibles, rosary beads, and other Catholic paraphernalia was found in their apartments would the press barely mention or ignore that fact? Not on your life.
And, if someone was abducting children from schoolyards, murdering them and left evidence that they were a practicing Muslim would the police investigate area Mosques and Muslims? You bet they would...and the public would support it. You don't include everyone in your search when the evidence says the bad guy was a bald white guy missing his left arm!
The Muslim's who do not aggressively denounce those among them who promote jihad, that don't pull out all stops to help stop and bring these bad seeds to justice, are ensuring that we persecute the entire Muslim faith.
But, sadly we live with a large part of the population wanting to believe that there is no common link between evil people...that in fact we don't have a global war on terror that is 100% rooted in the worst part of the Muslim religion.....hopefully those I care about won't be sacrificed because of the politically correct Kum Ba Yah attitude of ignorant among us.