Tuesday, April 17, 2007

From Tiny's Cold Dead Hands

I'll protect my right to bear arms to my death. The drumbeat has started and anyone could have predicted it...the 2nd Amendment is under fire. The old cliches are however true, its the person and not the gun...but these are lost on the kumbaya crowd. They think if you put the anti-jump barrier on the bridge the suicidal person won't actually attempt suicide...they think if we have far greater gun control, or ban gun ownership altogether, crime with guns will go down. They think bad guys and those wishing to die couldn't think of ANY other way to do their deed. It's simply the guns! In fact such measures just create more helpless citizens and victims.

The logic is flawed. First you cannot compare any other country to ours. America is completely unique in this regard and has been the worlds most free and prosperous country based on the founding principles and in part on the 2nd amendment. The original intent of the 2nd amendment might seem archaic to some, not me. Today's most powerful people on the left are borderline socialists and while most liberals think they are the party of freedoms, they are in fact the party that thinks you don't know how to handle your freedom so they need to take it back. I've heard there are from 200M to 1B guns, legal and otherwise, in circulation in the U.S. Even if you ban ownership and expect people to turn them in, what F'ing crackpot thinks 100% of law abiding citizens will turn all of theirs in. Or thinks even a single bad guy will turn theirs in?

My most recent gun was a H&K 45ACP...shot thousands of rounds at the range. The range I used was frequented by various local police officers...several told me that a burglar's biggest fear was entering a home when someone was home...worse that the someone would own a gun. Well I want bad buys to fear entering my home! I want an out of control or rogue government element to fear entering my home. Bad guys (in groups or not) don't like and fear good guys with guns!!!!! It's also 100% certain that if any of those who was face to face with the Virginia Tech shooter was packing there would be a chance far fewer people would be killed. But, if there isn't any normal law abiding trained folks packing heat.....well then it's 100% certain all those that could die will die.

And then there's the shameless politicking! With lifeless bodies still warm at Virginia Tech it was disgusting to see those trying to take an act of pure evil and use it to draw attention to political issues, including the illogical gun issue. People always want to be able to blame someone, well other than the perpetrator! There must be someone alive we can all direct our anger too...somebody must have screwed up right! And surely even more powerful is a long string of screw ups that really must be the reason that this evil person executed so many with apparently zero emotion. I'm sure there will be all kinds of mental health reforms requested...as if we can predict which person with depression or weird behavior might SNAP. So drug them all I guess? Or maybe lock them all up?

Wanna bet liberals will make moves to curtail individual rights and freedoms with this incident as the catalyst? Well, they already are!

I thought Obama was actually one of the better liberals in the POTUS race...but Obama jumped on the cheese ball bandwagon of politicizing this event...and he does it in rambling and inarticulate form...I couldn't even listen to this entire thing...this guy sucks.


Schadenfreude said...

Count me as one liberal-to-moderate that believes what you're saying. If anyone wants a gun to do harm, they will find a way to get it. If this guy couldn't get them legally he would have gotten them illegally. Curtailing law-abiding citizen's right to own a gun won't stop an outlaw or madman from getting one somehow.

I'm still trying to get a grip on how I feel about all of this outside of total sorrow for the victims and anger toward the perpetrator. But changing gun control laws isn't part of it at all.

Tiny said...

hey Schad....ya I'm not sure how I feel either about all the issues this raises....it sure does now seem that there were signs this guy had serious issues...just don't know what we can do to stop people we guess might flip out.

Anonymous said...

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Okay all you right wing crazies. Tell me which "militia" you belong to, and just what security are you representing for your home state? This Amendment does not relate to the current world that we live in, here in the United States. I doubt this will ever be amended, but if you read this you cannot be serious in believing that the founding fathers meant it to mean what you think it means today.

Tiny said...

Gee, you mean the founding fathers didn't see the future? Puulease...there's no way an Amendment will be modified or done away with...so get over it and just don't break into my house or do any of my family, friends and community wrong and you're safe from my bullets!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can just post your picture on your doors and windows! The 2nd Amendment is a "state's right" and guarantees nothing to the people, unless you're in the militia. Now tell me again which militia are you a part of.

Tiny said...

since a militia is a body of citizens organized in a paramilitary group who regard themselves as defenders of individual rights...so that would be me, glock26 and splash2...Tiny's Militia...why you want to join us? HAHAHA

As if the "militia" language is some smokin gun, pun intended, and completely invalidates my position...you wish! You don't get it do you...the fact that people like you want to probably take this away is why we need the guns...oh ya, we are crazy too!

Anonymous said...

And who's rights was Seung-Hui Cho protecting? I guess he's just a "milita" unto himself, which according to you is the way it should be. Maybe you'd like to be the one explaining his right to bear arms to the parents of the 32 victims. You know damn good and well that nut job should have never been able to own a tube of toothpaste, much less a gun. Had his search for a weapon been even a little bit harder he might have been picked up by someone who thought he was being a bit too aggressive in his pursuit of his 2nd Amendment rights.

Tiny said...

Yep I know he shouldn't have gotten a gun so easily...that should be fixed...but he was obviously calculating and planned this so if a legal gun wasn't easy, he might get one illegally. But lets pretend we can get ALL the guns with a giant magic magnet...so you think this guy couldn't come up with ANY OTHER WAY to kill 30+ people than with a gun?

Anonymous said...

Ok I'll bite:

Pitch fork - No, too hard to conceal on campus.

Knife - No, he would have been rushed before he could stab more than a few.

Baseball bat - Maybe, but everyone would have had to have been sleeping or already unconscious.

Mustered or Saran gas - Could work, but it's not part of the 2nd Amendment, so the authorities probably would have noticed that.

Car - Sure, but 32 people would have had to been lined up and very still.

Bomb - Sure, but again not part of the 2nd Amendment, and I think there's a pretty elevated radar up for people asking about C4 or certain faming chemicals.

So yes, he could have done it, but it would have been a whole lot harder. Maybe someone could have reached him in time, but we'll never know. Let's just stick with the adage that if you really want to do it you'll find a way.

Tiny said...

well lets hope that most crazy homicidal maniacs are as univentive as you....much easier than you think!

Anonymous said...

Well thank goodness for me. I guess in your case it takes one to know one.

Tiny said...

I give, I give...man you got me good...I know when I'm intellectually out gunned when someone pulls the old "takes one to know one"

Anonymous said...

LOL, LOL, LOL. All day long. Stupid conservatives. That'll teach you to mess with the left.