Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Apparently the Mars candy company is gay, meaning they have no balls, as they caved into pressure from the bath house loving, light in the loafers gay rights groups ,The Human Rights Campaign and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, over their funny Super Bowl commercial for Snickers.

Come on Mars, do you really think Snickers, M&M's and your other dime store candies are popular with the homofood folks? I don't think so...they prefer Jacques Torres, La Maison or those handmade truffles you can get at the shop on Polk Street.

Isn't the gay, homo, free-sex lifestyle crowd big on freedom of speech and expression? Do they want us heterosexual men and women to hide our disgust when we accidentally experience a homomoment? And when your DNA ends up so that you don't want to participate in the natural reproductive methods of your species do you also loose your sense of humor.

Good God homos....get a faggot grip....oh no...do I need to go to counseling now?

99.999999% of us knuckle dragging straight guys would react just like the guys in this commercial.....and yet the reaction of those who really DO NOT believe in the freedoms we enjoy is as unhinged as they come. Check out this site where they think Mars actually meant for this ad to be anti-gay and to promote violence against them!!!!! Their evidence is the Mars family being Republican, the ad itself and the Mars website where you could vote on the best ending to the commercial, the best ending that allowed the two men to feel like men again after their lips met.


Schadenfreude said...

Considering the advertising-inspired flap on my own blog, I probably should just STFU, but hey, since you emailed me T, I gotta oblige you with a comment.

In terms of gay rights and lifestyle I don't have a problem with either. I disagree with your stand that homosexuality is a genetic defect, but that's your opinion and who am I to dissuade you of it. That said, my best man at my wedding and roommate all four years of college is gay and he's one of my closest and dearest friends. His lifestyle is his and more power to him for living life on his terms.

However that lifestyle isn't for me. Personally I've never found an ass appealing that had more hair on it than my own -- or any for that matter. So when I saw this commercial and saw the two guys kiss, I had the same expression as some of those Colts and Bears did on the Web site. I dunno, kinda the same expression I might have seeing my parents kiss passionately. Kinda eeew, though (when they were married) I'm sure they enjoyed it, I don't need to see it -- kinda repulsive.

The fact that the two guys post-kiss do something manly and beat the shit out of each other or drink oil or stupid shit like that I don't take to be an anti-gay "lets kill all the gay people message." I see it as really fucking pathetic advertising. It was childish, pitifully if at all thought out and a literal waste of millions and millions of dollars.

But I take from this that Mars was actually trying to be anti-hetero. Basically saying only stupid straight guys in an attempt to shrug off "teh gay" would maim and/or poison themselves to prove they are 110% hetero man.

So think about this conspiracy. Why would Mars shell out millions on media on the Super Bowl and production of these spots and Web site to promote a gay bashing message? It was interpreted that way by gay rights groups (and I can see the thought process) but let's be honest. This wasn't an effort to bash gays that went just as planned. This was an investment in marketing to sell candy bars that plain old sucked.

Tiny said...

Frankly I'm not sure how most companies measure the effect individual ad placements (certain shows and times) versus their overall ad footprint...and therefore justify the cost of something like a super bowl ad....is the PR over the gay rights group complaint still good PR?

I realize you will be bias on this given your long time friend...and I don't call homosexuality a genetic defect to be mean...but, without artificial means members of a species who have no desire (or capability) to create offspring would have their lineage end. The species preserves itself by a form of natural selection where only favorable traits propagate in succeeding generations.

You can say this is demeaning, mean and a form of homophobia...so be it. But it's basic biology that you can't easily dispute. This doesn't make me hate a gay as a person, but it forms my total aversion to organized attempts by gay groups to promote themselves as normal and to do so in a way that EVERYBODY must change their normal and natural behavior (as in the yuck reaction to the kiss).

Anonymous said...


Even though I'm fairly liberal and pro-gay, I think everyone is crazy on this ad issue. You're right... this IS how straight men react to gay imagery. And if they're not taking it out on gay people (as the accusation wrongly claims), who really cares? Guys are now and always have been occasionally stupid. I say this proudly as a straight man.

On another note: you need to hire someone to write your headlines... not your strongest spot. Sorry!

Tiny said...

Anonymous, thanks for stopping by....as for headlines...sheesh...writing, in general, isn't even close to my strongest spot let alone a headline or sound bites.