Friday, February 02, 2007

Global Warming smart guys predict WaterWorld!

The UN board who released their latest opinion on global warming is very impressive. It consists of scientists (or people with some other label) from 113 governments....does that mean they're in the employ of those governments? And just for fun can anybody give me a list of even say 20 countries with a scientific community that contributes to science in significant ways in the last 10 years? And, can you find any significant university with a degree in climatology?

The same science community that misses weather predictions within the same year by a million miles can seemingly predict that we are in fact doomed by the end of century. Funny though, how in the same sentence suggesting our impending doom there's acknowledgment of a similar thing happening 125,000 years ago.

"And when that happened 125,000 years ago, seas rose between 13 and 20 feet. That is looking like a real possibility for the 22nd Century, the report said, though some scientists fear much of it could happen before the end of the century. "

So, it happened before without fossil fuel burning? Without man-made CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere?

And, if this could happen by the end of the century...within 100 years...where's the proof, the computer model, that shows this could be reversed, stopped or just made less catastrophic even if we could shut off man's entire pollutive output this instant?

Who would have guessed all the bad Costner movies are really a sort of predictive weather vane!


Splash Two said...

Dude - I am all for Waterworld because I kick ass on a Sea-doo!

Bring it on!

Tiny said...

ya well..better hope that by the time we are under water we also have replaced the combustion engine, as we know it, with one that runs on water! :)