Thursday, February 22, 2007

Big discovery, heat can affect a fever!

I can barely contain myself...I want to scream at the lunacy spawned by global warming hysterics. A study, using data from one lowly children's hospital in Australia found that TWO more children under six years old were admitted with fever to that hospital for every 5 degrees of temperature rise. WHAT? Stop the presses.....and this is just from 2001 to 2002!

Could you imagine how many children under 6 would have shown up at a hospital 10,000 years ago, if there was one around then, when in a several year period certain locations on the planet had 30 degree average rises in temperature. Oh, damn that global warming.

You have to hand it to these idiots at the University of Sydney who I'm sure didn't take into account that it might just be how high the temperature in the Australian city where this hospital is which of course is exacerbated by any rise at all. For example, if they looked at a children's hospital where the hottest summer temperature was 75 degrees would that hospital ever see such a correlation when it went from 70 to 75? Hell no.

I know, lets put a children's hospital, or an elderly care center, dead smack in the middle of Death what happens when the summer temperature from one day to the next goes from 115 to 120!

And how about this statement "And now global warming is becoming more apparent, it is highly likely an increasing number of young children will be turning up at hospital departments with these kinds of common illnesses".

I can't even think or write anything useful after reading this idiotic story....we are doomed.
UPDATE: And yet more idiocy....children are worried and having a hard time going to sleep because of the pending doom due to global warming!!!!!! I don't doubt the know why these kids even know about the looming disaster caused by global warming? Because our K-8th grade teachers are MORONS. They believe this, they see GW and mans roll in it as a liberal/Democrat position and buy it all. They think its an undeniable fact...a's not even a theory. I experienced this first hand. When my 2nd grader was in first grade (at a private school I might add) his teacher told the class the GW horror story. My son was worried and echoed the lie, his teacher told as fact, to me. I was furious...I talked to the teacher....explained that first this is not a fact but a theory, that there is no consensus and gave her a boat load of links on the Internet to back up that up. I provided data from experts that show a logical and emotionless analysis of the same data used to convict man of causing GW, but instead convict natural cycles and phenomenon the planet goes through whether we are on this planet or not.

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