Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Left is, as Left does

A new CNN pole says basically there is no change in those who blame Bush (and/or Clinton) for the 9/11 attacks since 2004...but CNN chooses the Bush bashing headline "More Americans blame Bush for 9/11". In fact the poll shows the number of people who blame Bush, a little to a great deal, for the 9/11 attacks only differs by 2% from those who also blame Clinton.

But a 1-2% change in this stupid poll doesn't make a story...what should make a story is that an attack in the planning for many years, and that Islamic fascists were carrying out terrorists acts for a good decade prior to 9/11/01...and yet some think it's all Bush's fault that roughly 6 months into office this attack happens?

How stupid are these people? Their dislike of a Republican who also believes in God (oh my) is so great that all logic, reason and a grasp of the facts escapes them. As PowerlineBlog points out, the left (no longer just the angry left) blames everything on Bush that couldn't even possibly be his fault....amazing.

I'm not in love with Bush.....but on the left there is a deranged hatred that hurts us as a whole.

Duplicity in this derangement is those media outlets that attempt to make news instead of "report, you decide". The enlightened intellectuals in the media no longer think you're capable of deciding what anything means (GWOT, Global Warming, civil rights, etc.)...so at CNN they will just tell you what it means. The Riehl World View said this about the CNN pole:
"if you take into account the polls margin of error (3%) and the fact that they used a partial sample in 2001 (MOE 4.5%) and, for some reason, have no results for Clinton in 2002 ... the fact is, there is no significant difference between the numbers for Bush and Clinton, except for right after 9/11, when Clinton stood at 45% to 40% for Bush.
Now, look at the top three categories, which would mean any blame at all. Clinton polls 62%, Bush 64% in a poll with a 3.5% margin of error = no significant difference."

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