Monday, September 11, 2006

A disconnect that's hard to explain

I have often alluded to the hypocrisy one can observe in the words and actions of Democrats on the key issues as compared to Republicans in the post 9/11 era. I'm not suggesting that the right is perfect, just that the left seems to have en masse abandoned key principles and values they once (although still claim) to hold dear.

This hypocrisy is so obvious that it's perpetration is confusing...They don't even try to disguise it and so I theorized, some time ago, that it must literally be a mental disorder. How else can one explain intelligent people yelling 2+2=5? And so I called it Bushdisdainia!

On this 5th anniversary of attacks on our way of life by Islamic fascists I feel the same way I felt on that morning...I was pissed, I was patriotic, tears were easy to come thinking about those who lost their lives. But one thing I have never felt..not even in the that in any way we brought this on ourselves. I believe most conservatives feel the same. Sadly many (maybe even most) liberals feel really is shocking to me that liberals feel that these Islamic extremists could be quelled by anything other than our destruction. Some have compared Hitler to some of the Islamic anti-semitic leaders....but would Hitler give up his desire to rid the planet of inferior Jews from simply having some sort of appeasement talks?

DJ Drummond over at Wizbang has an excellent (albeit long) essay on this disconnect I encourage you to read. A small sample that hit home for me:

But the modern Liberal has abandoned most of what Liberalism used to mean. Where the old Liberal wanted all people to be treated as equals, the modern Progressive (to use the word they stole from Teddy Roosevelt to pretend to respectable intention) demands preferential treatment and advantages for a select minority. Where the old Liberal fought against Racism and Sexism, the modern Progressive is happy to take up those very causes, in order to advance their agenda. Even where the Conservative outrage about CBS's "The Reagans" is matched in the media with Liberal anger about "The Path to 9/11", methods differ sharply, as Democrats have even threatened to attack ABC's very broadcast license if they do not get what they demand. The Progressive Method is Hypocrisy in action, and eschews the Constitution by design.

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