Saturday, November 18, 2006

Liberal Hypocrisy

A look at Liberalpocrisy I've been busy so have not posted in a while....but what fun it has been since the elections to watch the bumbling and blatent (but not to them) liberalposcrisy!

The first example of liberalpocrisy was Elton John's suggesting that all religion be banned....I always love examples of intolerance by those who claim to be the victim of intolerance. And of course this obsurdly intollerant notion is downplayed by the press. The Yahoo/Reuters headline of "Elton John wants 'hateful' relgion banned" leads one to believe Elton was targeting only religions that are to him "hateful", he actually suggested banning all of them.

Then it was Nancy "oops, I backed the wrong guy" Pelosi who after some meetings following the embarrasing (for her) vote proclaimed "as we say in church, let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with us. Let the healing begin". I actually laughed when I heard the sounded forced and unnatural when she said "as we say in church"...what church would that be Nancy? Do you go frequently? Does your God guide your ideals? Oh my.....of course when you look at most press on this you will NOTE that "as we say in church" is conveniently missing...when the fact is, if a Republican had used those words that would be the story!

On this same vein, this next example goes back to the start of Tennessee's Harold Ford Jr's campaign. Ford, a black 36 yr old bachelor (I don't know why that's relavant! :)) frequently, or more accurately nearly always, mentions God, the Lord, church and actually sounds a bit like a preacher. But the hypocrisy in this example isn't Ford's, it's the MSM and other Dems who apparently think his connection to God and his constant declaration of it is just fine....while it's apparently scary and freaky when a conservative invokes the same!

Another good chuckle came from John Edward's apparent do as I say, not as I do as he sent a staffer after a new PlayStation3 at the local Wal-Mart...which is fine..well except that Edwards who is worth tens of millions really relates to the poor and thinks Wal-Mart is bad for the poor...huh? But the laughs came from Wal-Mart putting out a press release nicely skewering Edward's liberalpocrisy! Of course Edwards claims the "young kid" (does he like young boys?) made an error born of ignorance. John at Powerline correctly says "Edwards recited the very silly liberal critique of Wal-Mart as a threat to low-income people. His aide, however, when charged with buying the Senator a PS3, quite reasonably went to Wal-Mart because he knew he would get the best price there. Which is, of course, why Wal-Mart is one of the greatest boons to people of modest means in recent history. Edwards should learn from his aide, not criticize him.".


Shelly said...

hey loser, did you ever stop to think Elton John was being sarcastic, and was probably trying to make a point?
You think you are so 'Patriotic' and 'All American' when you are nothing but a brain-washed intolerant creep. It's people like you whe make the world hate Americans.

Tiny said...

Hi Shelly, I don't think you're a loser, but apparently you're one of those intolerant folks of which I speak! LOL

And since you're so much smarter than me how about you show me some evidence of Elton's statement being sarcastic? And also explain how anything in my post has to do with patriotism or being all American.

What internationalists like you don't get is that if some around the world hate us because we are patriotic, or proud to be American, people like me don't care....but you, I guess, are happy to throw America and its founding principles and pride under the bus because that hate is, to you, all our fault.

Anonymous said...


First off, you pretty much prove his point by starting your comment with "hey loser". You claim he's intolerant, yet you resort to name-calling when you don't agree with his assessment of the situation.

Secondly, how is stating the obvious considered "brain washed intolerance"? The blatant hypocrisy pointed out in the examples are so outrageously obvious that anyone that believes they aren't is a "brain washed intolerant creep".

And, how would banning religion keep others from hating Americans? It wouldn't. Get a clue.