Thursday, December 01, 2005

World AIDS Day? Spare me.....

Just listening to the news and the lead item at the top of the hour was a story about "World AIDS Day". What the heck is that? Why does that get so much press? What about "World Cancer Day"? World Diabetes Day"? "World MS Day"? Etc...

Some guy is quoted as saying something along the lines of "It's very important that we get the message out that AIDS/HIV is still a big problem and there is still no cure for it".... Oh really? The message out? Are you kidding me? Who doesn't know that the following activities are risky: Unprotected anal sex between homosexuals? Unprotected sex with a prostitute? Sharing needles among drug addicts? Everybody knows by participating in any of these activities, the possibility of contracting AIDS and ulitimately dieing from HIV is extremely high! Here is the cure for AIDS.... STOP HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX AND SHARING NEEDLES!!!

The amount of money that is funneled to companies and universities for research to find a cure for AIDS makes me sick! The amount of people in the United States who die from AIDS/HIV is way down the list but the amount of money that is allocated is disproportionate. Curious about some statistics?

US deaths in 2002 by disease:
Total = 2,400,000
  • Cardiovascular disease - 937,000
  • Cancer - 553,000
  • Respiratory Failure - 122,000
  • Diabetes - 69,000
  • Influenza & Pneumonia - 65,000
  • Alzheimers - 50,000
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents - 43,000
  • Kidney Failure - 36,000
  • Blood Disease - 31,000
  • Firearms - 29,000
  • AIDS/HIV - 16,000
This isn't to say that I don't have sympathy for the people who die from AIDS but as far as I'm concerned, it is the MOST preventable disease out of all of those listed.


Tiny said...

The statistics say it all...the AIDS and gay lobby is very strong because politicians, companies and the media are AFRAID to say No or be even a little critical to anything with the words gay or homosexual attached to it. Every other health issue that has money thrown at it has statistics and a business case that needs to make sense.

resident jason said...

...and let's not forget that idiot Bono stating "it's not a cause; it's an emergency"

Splash Two said...

Here's a couple of little known or little remembered facts:

"By 1990, Oprah Winfrey had claimed three years earlier, one-fifth of all hetero-sexuals would be dead of AIDS; by 1990, Gene Antonio wrote in his 1985 bestseller "The AIDS Cover-UP" 64 million Americans would be dead or dying of AIDS. Antonio missed the mark by a little over 63 million and Oprah by approximately one-fifth of the heterosexual popula-tion."
--From Michael Fumento's book; "The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS".